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10 Secrets to Increasing Revenue on Tomorrow's Schedule

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Are you tired of low-profit margins and high overhead in your practice? Are your employees just clocking-in and clocking-out or they don't add to your bottom line? Do you often come up empty-handed from expensive and time-consuming CE courses and things not getting implemented? My virtual consultative coaching is far less expensive. Let me guess, your team members are not filling your schedule like you'd hoped? Possibly, you are pulling out your hair and feel like the employees don't care. There are lots of reasons why and I may be your solution.

My strategies get 98% of patients to say YES to your treatment plans

Over the 25 years of working inside dental offices and coaching dentists and their teams on how to add $500 a day to their bottom line. All without having to hire or fire staff... invest in expensive new equipment... paying to update websites or spend tens of thousands of dollars on consultants, CE courses, or marketing. I help frustrated or plateaued offices reach their practice goals.

In just 30 minutes with me, I can show you how to resuscitate your practice and generate more income every day using simple, fool-proof tools and strategies.

#1) Uncover Hidden Revenue

You'll uncover invisible income already available in your practice, without having to market externally.

#2) Eliminate Patient "Delay"

You'll discover how to easily get 98% of patients to say yes to your treatment plans, no matter what it costs or how much their insurance covers.

#3) Find Out What's Holding You Back

You'll find out exactly what's keeping your business from generating the profits you've dreamt of

If you continue to do the same things you've always done, you'll remain stagnant and frustrated forever. I'll show you exactly what steps you and your team need to take to quickly transform your struggling practice into a successful, highly profitable business.

What Dentists and Their Teams are Saying

Don't take my word for it: my clients will tell you first hand how my simple strategies get results fast.

"August was our best month ever! Being a dentist since 1980, we were up 30% from last year. This was our 3rd month of working with Heidi Mount. I heard a podcast and thought she might be what I need. We were having a difficult time communicating as a team and developing value for our patients. She recognized that we had specific needs rather than a cookie cutter approach. She went way beyond her contract requirements. I value her insight and you will not be disappointed."

Dr. Michael Solly, Knoxville Smile Center

Powell, TN

"Heidi's an asset to our practice. She gives us steps that are practically effortless. After 1 hour consultation call, we made $1700 on the next day's schedule. I now work less days and my practice is still growing. She genuinely cares about us and her services are invaluable to the success of our practice."

Dr. Cliff Broschinsky, Avalon Dental

San Ramon, California

"Heidi masterminded a project to fill our dental implants book with patients using her experience in marketing, sales, strategy and her infinite sense of optimism and motivation. The results were phenomenal and we more than doubled our new patient numbers with the same marketing spend. After 1 month we produced 35% more and collected 100% prior or on on the date of service! After 2 months, we doubled our revenue."

Dr. MJ Rowland-Warmann, Smileworks

Liverpool, United Kingdom

"Heidi gave more information in just a few minutes... than anyone who has ever trained me. Our staff respects Heidi and follows her advice, because she understands the different needs with each employee and the goals of the practice.My patients show up, pay and consent to ideal treatment."

Darci Summerlin, RDH

McMinnville, Oregon

"Heidi worked with me and I can say that her strategies and systems created success in my practice. She knows how to thoroughly review each patient and discover hidden revenues within the practice. My business grew 25% more than prior to her help. Her expertise in the field is well worth the ROI and she is an authentic, caring person that goes the extra mile."

Dr. Laura Marcoulier, McMinnville Dental Group

McMinnville Oregon

You can have a thriving, “go-to” practice and finally enjoy the kind of income you desire.

All you need to do is find out what's holding you back, get the right strategies to overcome it, and start moving step-by-step down the path to success. Let me show you how.

As a special bonus for those who tuned into my podcast, I'm offering my “Padlock to Case Acceptance.” It's filled with printable example conversations any staff member can use as guidelines to get more patients to say “yes” to treatments they truly need, no matter their personality or skill level.


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Frequently Asked Questions

#1) Are there any hidden fees for this call?

None whatsoever. I'm offering 30 minutes of my time for free and promise to show you exactly how you can add $500 to your bottom line. No strings attached.


#2) Will this work for my business?

I've worked with dental practices of all varieties. No matter how successful or unsuccessful they currently are, I've been able to help them boost their profits, improve their staff performance, and reduce their expenses. 


#3) What if my staff is untrainable? 

Any team member has the ability to improve if they are willing to try. You just have to teach them in a way that fits their personality and their skill level. I can work with anyone on your team to get them producing more results and loving every second of it.


#4) What do I need to prepare for the call? 

All you need is to be ready to talk about your frustrations and your obstacles in your dental practice, and trust me to be professional, non-judgmental, and encouraging.


#5) What if we are in different time zones? 

The booking calendar will show available consultation slots in your time zone. When you make your appointment, the confirmation email and calendar will automatically adjust for your time, so you don't have to worry about a mix-up.


#6) What if I need to reschedule?

Anyone can have an emergency. If you need to cancel, please send an email and we'll work out a better time.